21 March 2013

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23 December 2011

post yang de kena-mengena sikit2 je dgn korang

p/s : this entry is about my heart - my story - my life..

what the first things across in your mind if I ask U ::
what are the things that you want the most in your life?
will u give your answer?

and my answer is....I want a better life than today

why? am I a beggar..or..am I a neglected child? ohh..no..no..no
not at all.
but why I said that 'I want a better life than today' just now?
hmm..I don't know why because this is the first thing that across in my mind when someone asked me such that question.

emm..as long as a human
we cant run from the problems. neither its a big problem nor not..
and we need to face it
ok,I know that my words is meaningless but that is the thing that I thinking recently

when we still babies,we start speaking,walking,running..
and how to make our mom,dad understand 
what we want and now.. 
its work

when we are children..we start to go to school
we start to learn the world..start to know the people around..
start to make friends
and start to go through the hard thing in our life when the problems were appeared,
that is start to learn how to customize ourselves with the world

as we start to be a teenager..the problems become bigger
we need to focus in our study
and as a normal teenager,at this age..one feeling will be coming in our heart
that is we call LOVE
at this age,we start to learn loving someone,take care about someone and try harder to get the one we love
at this age..we want everything
we want a boyfriend/girlfriend..we want to be a success boy/girl
we want to be a glamour

but when we adults,that are the biggest things we should to face
with our wife/husband
teach our children about the world..about the people
teach them how to be a human..not just a people..it is harder than train the animals
at this age..
there are the truly force we had..truly problems we face
and a truly life..we run
and that was definitely tired for us
that's why
I love my parents

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17 December 2011

facebook Timeline --> cantik or susah??

pada malam yang masih bayi ni..aku just nak kongsi something je
sebenarnya aku baru je lepas tukar aku punya fb kepada Timeline
:: bole laa kot^^cantik kucing aku lagi
:: tak tahu..sikit je kot..lama2 pandai arh tu
:: oo..key...laa^^aku rasa biasa-biasa je

ni wall facebook aku

ni haa..kat atas ni wall facebook aku
kalau korang berminat nak buat jugak macam aku
jom pergi kat link ni 

tapi bila dah register..dah tak boleh nak undo dah
rasanya suatu masa nanti memang korang-korang semua secara
paksa rela/tak rela
wajib tukar jugak..hehe..semoga bergembira
laa ye ^^

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