24 September 2011

if dat is happen to me.....

ollA peeps...
today n tomorrow is da last day at SAHUT..
sooooo sad to leave my friends there..
and today..i know something hurt my heart..
that is..
he already had someone special in his life..
ohh..how can i life without the one i love beside me
and in addition..he already had someone in his heart..
i cant accepted it..
but i need to accepted it..
when i need to go far away from him..
i just know that i never exprez my feeling to him
even he had someone else..
at least..he know my feeling to him..
when i have so much to say..
and u are far away..
so i will keep it in my heart till u are very-very close to me
and when u are still single..
but when??
do you know what?
i always open your profile wall to know about you
and also when i miss you..

if we are create to each other..
how happy i am..
and i'll pray to Allah to make us close ever..

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